What is Kodi? It’s history and it’s team

What is kodi?

Kodi is a media player developed to play the local contents. Due to its amazing features, it is now mostly used for streaming purpose. Default kodi doesnt support streaming. You have to add third party addons to give additional finctionality to the kodi. These third party addons, helps the user to stream all the available contents. Depends on the contents the addon used for streaming may differs. Without these addons kodi is just a media player. These addons are stored in a place called repository. To add addons to your kodi, you have to add repository first, followed by addons. Kodi has both official addons and third party addons.


Addons are additional programs or script available to enhace the basic functionality of the kodi. There are 100s of official addon available in the kodi official repository. Streaming contents from this addons are always legal. On the other hand, there are other third party addons, which the kodi user to stream illegal stuff. And you add these repository in which the addon is located. And you can install the addons. There are tons of addons available for a single purpose.


The place at which the addons are stored, is called ad repository. These are exteranl corces. By using network feature, we can add these repository to your kodi. This is a one time process, next time if there is any addons from the same repository, you can directly install from the available repository.

Kodi Histoy

Kodi has a large hisoty which paved the path of kodi success as a media payer. Kodi is the best media player in the world. At first kodi was feveloped in 2003 not as a media player, but as aXbox Plugin. In 2004, the Project XBMC  Launched. And with in a few years, it stole the heart of many users. And it wss renamed to kodi. This is where the rise of kodi begins. It was officially called as version 17. No other version has such huge popularity, when compared to other versions. And this being an information age, lot of new developers joined in the community. And lot of new kodi addons emmerged, both legal and third party addons. As the result a big competition grew for the best kodi addons. Like whose kodi addon is the best, And this competition paved a way for kodi evolution. Day by day the user base of kodi is highly increasing. Soon it will reach sky high.

Kodi Team

Since kodi is a freeware, its team consits of ever changing volunteers. These people jusi love to write codes and develop new things. There is not an exact count of members. Each year the developers in the are increasing, due to the popularity of the kodi. XBMC foundation consists of members from Team Kodi and some non members. 5 person from this group represent board. And they will hold monthly meetings, to discuss abouth funding and improvement of kodi. This team of developers are the backbone of kodi. And lots of new features are added in the kodi, to make it the best streaming software in the world.

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