VIDEO Rush Limbaugh Says Republicans Should Just Back Away From Fiscal Cliff Negotiations And I Agree

I have been at times hard on Rush because I believe a lot of what he does is more for entertainment value, appealing to the least among us which always comes in larger numbers giving El-Rushbo a huge market thereby commanding platinum level advertising rates on his mammoth EIB Network. I was specifically hard on Rush when he made Sandra Fluke famous, I said the day he called her a “slut” she would become a household name. That’s exactly what has happened with Fluke even procuring a prime time speaking spot at the Democratic National Convention.

But Rush can be right, spot on right. It’s my estimation what Rush had to say today regarding House republicans backing away from the fiscal cliff negotiations is exactly right. House republicans are in a lose-lose situation, the media will blame them for any adverse outcome and the ignorant American people voted for failure so that is exactly what they deserve (and what I believe Obama wishes to deliver.) Obama has called for $50 Billion in new spending and his Press Secretary points to his budget that failed passage in the Senate 99-0 as Obama’s balanced “plan.” Bottom line, I believe Obama really doesn’t want a deal done at all so I too agree Boehner should just walk away, stand firm on tax principles but let Obama have everything he wants taking us over the proverbial cliff with no GOP fingerprints on any of Obama’s State sponsored agendas. In my opinion, we’re sitting atop a house of cards the Democrats built. Let it fall. It’s the only way we can start with a solid foundation

This is the President and the government the majority of Americans voted for, Comrades.

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