VIDEO Obama Top Adviser David Plouffe Tells George Stephanopoulos New Taxes Must Be Part Of Debt Ceiling Deal

It’s not that it’s a shocker, all conservatives know how addicted to taxes and other people’s money liberals are, it’s that Obama continues to broadcast and in most cases get away with chipping at every liberty Americans have held dear, the very liberties that made us great. Coming off Obama basically getting everything he wanted in the Fiscal Cliff showdown with Congress including raising the tax rate for those making $400K (the rich LOL) to 39.6% and allowing the payroll tax holiday to expire raising taxes on EVERYONE who receives a paycheck 2% per payday (middle class) David plouffe let George Stephanopoulos know that was not enough. Plouffe said on This Week “the only way the President would agree to any spending cuts would be with a balanced approached.” That is code for more taxes on the way just as we expected likely in the form of higher death tax, estate taxes, capital gains taxes, dividend taxes and closing tax loopholes like mortgage deductions.

Barack Obama is in no way shape of form serious about tackling the existential threat and the most predictable disaster in our countries history – out of control federal spending and Medicare becoming unsustainable thus rendering America insolvent sometime around 2020. No, Obama just wants to squeeze more money out of an already cash strapped Nation. This is what conservatives knew an Obama second term would look like, not sure if the idiots who voted for Obama can even comprehend was is written here, they just know Obama is cool, was awesome on The View and nearly every Hollywood celebrity said Barack is the man. Elections have consequences.

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