VIDEO Obama State Department Confused Regarding Question ‘Is Egypt Is An Ally?’

Obama has his foreign policy so mangled with misinformation, mixed signals and retractions that his State Department Thursday during Q&A did not know how to answer the question “Is Egypt an ally?” Victoria Nuland had to refer the question to the White House at nearly the exact time White House Press Secretary Jay Carny was walking back Obama’s statement to CBS Scott Pelley that “Egypt is neither an ally nor an enemy.”

Following President Obama’s ill-advised comments putting into question the relationship between Washington and Cairo yesterday, a White House spokesperson was forced to clarify those remarks in an interview with Foreign Policy Magazine.

I t”hink folks are reading way too much into this,” White House spokesperson Tommy Vietor told Foreign Policy. “‘Ally’ is a legal term of art. We don’t have a mutual defense treaty with Egypt like we do with our NATO allies. But as the president has said, Egypt is longstanding and close partner of the United States, and we have built on that foundation by supporting Egypt’s transition to democracy and working with the new government.”

When asked to further clarify President Obama’s comments about Egypt’s relationship with the United States, State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland first tried to direct the reporter’s questions to the White House. The persistent reporter, however, did not accept that answer and pressed further.

“So forget about the president’s words, you’re saying that the administration, the State Department still regards Egypt as a non-Nato ally and is still a recipient of all the privileges that that entails,” the reporter asked.

“Yes,” Nuland replied.

Who was it that has been telling the American people that foreign policy was Obama’s strength? That’s right, David Axelrod, Stephanie Cutter, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Joe Biden. And the lapdog media has been talking parrots regurgitating every word. Looks like the President of the United States should not have not missed HALF of his intelligence briefings because it appeasers no one in his administration knows which nations are friends or foes.

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