VIDEO Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter Says “Benghazi Was Not Foreign Policy Failure”

Willie Geist sub-hosted for Matt Lauer this morning on The Today show which is likely why Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter was grilled with a couple hard questions about the Benghazi scandal. Geist posed the following to Cutter:

“There have been so many versions of the Benghazi attack to come out of the White House which has caused the Romney campaign to be critical, as of this morning what is the official version?”

I DVR The Today Show every morning to see what non-news is reported, so I can attest with first had knowledge that is the first time any “journalist” on that morning show has suggested the Obama White House has been loose and deceptive with the facts as they pertain to Benghazi but more importantly The Today Show only reported on Benghazi just after the attack and the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens as an international event. That’s it.

Fast forward the interview to Cutter’s answer and she insisted the attack was not a “foreign policy failure,” that the only reason people might think it was is because Republicans are “politicizing” it, just as she stated on CNN and Fox just over 1 week ago. In other words, it would really be no big deal if not for those pesky conservatives.

I have talked to enough people to know Benghazi is now a part of this election decision process for people who ordinarily would have no interest in foreign policy only because it’s grossly obvious the Obama White House covered up the attack blaming it originally on a protest due to a YouTube video to save face with its policy of normalcy and that Al Qaeda is in retreat. So, because Obama politicized it, chose to lie and change the story SO MANY TIMES, it’s now a topic of conversation and a full blown scandal.

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