VIDEO New Romney Ad ‘Apology Tour’ Highlights Mitt Taking It To Obama For Criticizing America

This was a moment like many I have waited for a very long time, someone face to face with Barack Obama tell him a nation as great as the United States of America which has done so much for so many around the world does NOT go around apologizing for deeds not committed. This all goes back to Obama’s Jeremiah Wright world view “America’s chicken’s have come home to roost” mentality that we are inherently an evil nation.

After taking office, Obama did go on an a well documented apology tour around the world saying, among many things, that America had dictated to other nations meanwhile skipping a visit to our only friend in the Middle East — Israel. Mr. President, America doesn’t dictate to other nations; we have freed other nations from dictators and been a beacon of liberty for so many oppressed. This was easily one of my favorite moments of the final presidential debate.

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