VIDEO NBC’s Chuck Todd Says He Sees Virginia Slipping Away For Obama

I have been reading from my Twitter friends who live in Virginia that there isn’t the flurry of Obama yard signs and visibility that was so thick in 2008 giving many Romney supporters reason to believe Mitt could take that battleground state back. Monday on Morning Joe NBC’s Chuck Todd literal said he sees VIrginia slipping away from Obama and the battle being in Ohio and the midwest states of Nevada and Colorado. For Todd to say this makes it a huge deal, we all have witnessed his blatant bias and visceral reaction on the Sunday Shows yesterday while reporting Obama stuck at 47% in his NBC/Marist poll.

I have believed since the first presidential debate something is happening out there where people are seeing Mitt Romney as a viable alternative to Obama and his failed record and not the evil person Team Obama made him out to be. The despicable personal attack game waged on Romney by Obama and his Chicago henchman appears more everyday to have failed as Mitt is trending up in key battleground states and looks poised to win in November.

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