VIDEO Morning Joe Crew Discusses By Large Margin People Want Change And Obama To Put Forth 2nd Term Plan

It’s final presidential debate day and there is palpable energy in the air. The Morning Joe crew picked up where the Sunday Shows left off discussing that Obama has yet to put forward a second term agenda or any plans if reelected, only continued attacks at MItt Romney. A new NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll out this morning reveals if Obama were to be reelected 62% of Americans want change from the course he is on and for him to outline what his second term would look like.

You have to remember Obama has no intentions of changing his failed policies, he’s a government trickle down Keynesian with a redistributive world view, a narcissus and has no intentions to moving to the center on his radical leftist views. Unlike Bill Clinton, he did not even campaign back to the center making the case for his second term, he thinks his ideology has it right. And, judging by this poll, and the chatter I’m hearing, people clearly are not satisfied with Obama’s approach to running our country by his first term record.

I feel for the first time in the entire election cycle that America is about to elect a new President in two weeks and his name is Mitt Romney.

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