VIDEO Joe Biden Literally Says The Lily Ledbetter Act “Not A Big Deal In Terms Of Pay”

Good ‘ole Joe, the GOP gift that keeps on giving. At a campaign rally in St. Augustine, Florida Saturday the Vice President weighed in on Obama’s first bill taken on and passed as President, a talking point Team Obama brings up frequently citing Romney wasn’t aware of this “signature legislation.” What did Joe have to say about the all important Lilly Ledbetter Act?

BIDEN: All the Lilly Ledbetter said was if a woman finds out she’s been treated and treated wrongly, cheated in terms of her salary and benefits at work. That she’s able to sue from the moment she finds out. That’s all it said. Because they were locked out they said that if you didn’t learn within two years you were being cheated then you’re out of luck. But we changed the law. It’s not a –it’s a big deal for women, but it’s not a big deal in terms of equal pay. But it’s an important– and they couldn’t even support that

Obama just brought up Lilly Ledbetter in the last debate, so one has to wonder if he will now leave it alone since his VP thinks it’s “not a big deal.” Perhaps it would have served Obama better to begin with the pay disparity for women making significantly less that their male counterparts in the Barack Obama White House.

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