VIDEO Jay Leno Says Obama Has A New Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy But It Relates To Benghazi

I have written here before about how I enjoy late night comedians as a wind-down mechanism breaking away from business stress and politics and that I have made the pilgrimage from David Letterman to Jay Leno. Letterman, specifically during this election cycle, has become obsessed with mean spirited attacks at Mitt Romney literally nightly. So I began DVRing Letterman like I do MSNBC and NBC as opposition research to see what he says next.

Leno, however, remains entertainment. Yes, I realize he’s a liberal Hollywood democrat, but Jay doesn’t seem as bitter and angry as Letterman with the political jokes. Additionally, Leno has noticeably given equal time to Obama jokes with a running bit “the economy is so bad that..” But Tuesday night Leno delivered a joke that shocked me and likely every conservative watching. He said the following:

“I don’t know if you’ve heard that Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell is back, it’s Obama’s new policy on Benghazi–Don’t ask me and I won’t tell you.”

I paused the live television and immediately took to Twitter. The significance of Jay making this joke is that it has become SO mainstream that there is a major amount of shadiness involving Obama and the Benghazi attack that resulted in four dead Americans that Jay Leno delivered a joke about it on TV while the corrupt lapdog media, save Jake Tapper and CNN, refuse to report the scandal. How embarrassing this Wednesday morning must be for purported White House pool reporters like my favorite weasel, Chuck Todd, that Jay Leno brings up Benghazi NBC “news” remains silent.

This One Has Already Been Retweeted One Hundred Times

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