VIDEO Biden Has An Akin Moment Saying “This Isn’t Your Garden Variety Slap Across The Face”

Joe Biden speaking in Maryland this morning on a new ‘domestic-violence-reduction initiative’ had what I’m calling a ‘Todd Akin’ moment. The following is a transcript for Biden’s choice of words regarding domestic abuse:

We’ve learned that certain behaviors on the part of an abuser portend much more danger than other behaviors. For example, if an abuser has attempted to strangle his victim, if he has threatened to shoot her, if he has sexually assaulted her, and there’s a number of other signs, about eight others. These are tell-tale signs to say this isn’t your garden-variety slap across the face.

It is my opinion that the Vice President of the United States’ choice of words regarding domestic abuse to women is just as ignorant, misogynistic, kooky and shocking as what Todd Akin said about “legitimate rape” during the Missouri Senate election. What will be interesting is if any of the feminist groups and mainstream media outlets that were rightfully outraged by Todd Akins disturbing comments will in like manner be outraged by Biden’s equally disturbing comments regarding “garden variety slap across the face” of women. Or will this be discounted as Joe just being Joe per usual?

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