VIDEO ABC Obtains Memo Revealing Obama Administration Rejected Benghazi Security Warnings

While the other networks, CBS and NBC, shill for Obama with less that one month until election, ABC’s Jake Tapper continues to investigate the Benghazi coverup that resulted in the death on Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Tapper obtained a memo from the slain Ambassador’s office that detailed a myriad of reasons for requesting additional security that was inevitably denied by the Obama State Department.

You’ll remember, in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi attack, the Obama White House claimed it to be a “spontaneous” attack resulting from an anti-Islamic video going so far as to have UN Ambassador Susan Rice appear on all five Sunday shows claiming with certitude the attacks were not planned. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Press Secretary Jay Carney and President Obama himself all concurred with the immediate assessment that the attack was in no way due to terrorism but was a spontaneous protesters. Obama kept his fundraising schedule and left for Las Vegas the very next day after the attack.

Information has since been made available that the White House knew within 24 hours the attacks were indeed terrorism, according to intelligence sources. Combine that with the memo obtained by ABC news that the Libyan embassy was on record requesting additional security but denied and one can better understand the why the overt coverup by the Obama Administration, its dereliction of duty is painfully obvious. Congressional hearings will be held Wednesday of this week before Chairmen Darrel Issa’s committee where many expect more to be learned about how and why this White House refused the security that was requested as well as who knew about the coverup.

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