Romney Speaks To The NAACP With Integrity, Gets Booed And Liberal Wignut Theories Fly About Racist Southern Strategy

Romney entered the lion’s den Wednesday speaking candidly to the NAACP, treating them like adults as apposed to the typical Obama style pandering “I will get you more free stuff” meme, and the liberal antics ensued.  The left weighed in with a myriad of theories as to why Romney would even speak to that convention.  My personal favorite (and most sickening) wignut liberal musing was first expressed by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Wednesday night.  He contends Mitt purposefully prepared a speech railing against ObamaCare so video sounbytes could be captured of Romney being booed by a room full of black people to be released for consumption by the radical, racist, predominantly Southern Tea Party base so as to convince these people he is one of them. Sick, Sick SICK!

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Then there is the Politico reporter, Joe Williams, who was let go amid controversy last month after claiming that Mitt Romney was only comfortable speaking to “white folks” who weighed in on Romney get booed with the following message: I told you so.

“The speech was another example of what I’d tried to say that day on TV,” Williams said in an e-mail to BuzzFeed. “He’s obviously uncomfortable with voters who aren’t like him, and he struggles to relate.”

According to BuzzFeed, Williams compared Romney’s remarks to a trip the candidate took to a poor, mostly-black neighborhood in Philly in the spring, saying that, like then, “Romney didn’t seem to know what he wanted to accomplish or why he was there.”

You know, for racism to constantly be placed around the necks of conservatives, democrats — the pro-slavery party during emancipation — seems to constantly relate all things to race. I just wrote about Obama’s Freudian projections and I suspect that is the case here too with liberals across the board professing in some shape — Romney, NAACP, Speech, Boos, Racist . Additionally, what if Romney had NOT spoken before the annual NAACP convention? You got it – racists and uncomfortable around blacks. The damn if you do/don’t thing.

What Romney did in staying on message and not pandering took courage and exhibited leadership, something sane people know the current Commander In Chief is void of. I look forward to Obama speaking to the Tea Party during his campaign this summer and fall. Wait a minute, I forgot, Barry is without spine.

h/t Mediate

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