Romney Releases His Tax Returns And The Lapdog Media Goes Into An Embarrassing Attack Overdrive

Friday Mitt Romney released his final tax return for 2011. The document, produced by Price Waterhouse Coopers, shows the Romneys paid $1.9 million in taxes on nearly $14 million in income, mostly from investments, giving the Romneys an effective tax rate of 14.1 percent.
Mitt and Ann Romney donated about $4 million to charity in 2011, or about 30 percent of their income, the document shows. Romney previously released his 2010 tax return but no others. An adjacent document also produced by PWC revealed Mitt Romney averaged a 20 percent effective tax rate for the previous 20 years and never paid less than 13.66 percent.

While partisan witch hunts have been brewing, mostly led by Senator Majority Harry Reid who literal claimed from the Senate floor he had a confidential source who had intimate knowledge that Romney had NOT paid any taxes, the Obama campaign has been attempting to make hay of Romney’s wealth with gimmicks like the Buffet Rule. Today’s returns should put to bed any of that nonsense moving forward with Romney averaging 20% effective rate for 20 years and with Mitt and Ann donating $4 million to charity last year alone, it appears Mr. Buffet may have some explaining to do.

But of coarse the media immediately was not happy, quickly calling the tax release a “Friday document dump” and opining that since Romney did not capitalize on all the deductions afforded him, he overpaid therefore noodling the effective rate in his favor. Did you get that, the media was complaining about Romney paying more into the Treasury than he should have. It literally was HILARIOUS watching Beltway “journalists” spin themselves into a frenzy on Twitter over a man who gave nearly one third of his income last year to charity — $4 million.

As I was following the Twitter timelines of the usual Obama media bootlickers I ran across a derogatory tweet aimed at Mitt Romney from Pedro da Costa who writes for Reuters, one would think an unbiased news organization that does’t dabble in opinion, just facts, news and events. Pedro’s tweet was out of bounds for a “straight newsman” so I tweeted this with a link to Mr. da Costa’s inflammatory Romney tweet and it caught some traction being retweeted several times including by Jim Treacher — where it got some major horsepower.

When da Costa’s Romney tweet started being floated around by MANY other people on Twitter Pedro must have realized he viscerally got caught up in the Beltway frenzy nearly outing himself as the partisan he is and quickly deleted the Tweet hoping it would all go away, and none of his colleagues or editors had seen his remarks as, remember, Pedro is an unbiased journalist. Fortunately for me, I had the tweet screen capped and THIS is what Pedro da Costa of Reuters tweeted of the Romney tax returns Friday — as a straight newsman.

It’s so true what they say, it’s never the act so much as it is the coverup and by virtue of his deletion, Pedro showed clear culpability. Da Costa calling Romney desperate only validates what most people already know, as ironically a Gallup Poll released Friday revealed only 40% of Americans trust the “news” the mainstream media produces — and that number seems high. I was only going to have a little fun calling da Costa and out for what he is, shame him a little on Twitter and move on but Pedro had to follow and unfollow me twice (I guess as though that would be intimidating?) and he deleted the tweet.

These Beltway journos are all the same. Like Chuck Todd, they purport to call the news straight while they use aliases at the Democratic National Convention to procure Obama swag and use all the power they wield to deflect from incriminating events surrounding the Obama Administration, like the fact that the White House version of the Benghazi siege has changed several times now from simply being a “spontaneous” un-planned attack by random protestors over an anti-muslim video. CNN debunked this bundle of lies Monday but NBC still is on the same page as Obama’s UN Ambassador Susan Rice.

Can you imagine what the media would be able to accomplish if it spent as much time investigating and asking hard questions of our civil servants as it does shilling for liberal politicians especially Barack Obama? That’s right, the press does work overdrive on opposition research on conservative candidates in an attempt to discredit them and keep Democrats in office, so they do stay busy. Perhaps I should cut Pedro some slack

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