Joe Scarborough Doubles Down On MSNBC Romney Video Blocking Me On Twitter As Embedded Reporter Clear The Record

Joe Scarborough, the self-described small government conservative and host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, literally blocked me Saturday on Twitter. That’s right, a fellow “conservative” blocked one of his own, the first time in my being on Twitter just over one year that I’ve been blocked by someone who is supposed to be a teammate in advancing our small government, low regulation and liberty based ideals. And more importantly, right now we should be focused on Barack Obama losing reelection, that should be the tie that bonds all conservatives together. Why did Joe block me? Because he did not like what I or any of my followers were saying to him regarding MSNBC’s doctored video from a Romney rally this past Wednesday. In effect, I was pointing out to Joe three embedded reporters from the Associated Press, BuzzFeed and Politico were refuting claims by him that rally goers at the event were chanting “Ryan, Ryan.” To the contrary, all three report with certitude the crowd was chanting “Romney, Romney.”

To understand the context, if you already don’t know, read this post by Jay Caruso at The Right Sphere. To sum it up, Scarborough does not like Romney at all, as I have written on several occasions. His hatred of Romney seems to get in front of scrutinizing the myriad of failures by the Obama presidency which has made me, and others, suspect of Joe’s motives. On Joe’s show, he takes every chance he can to ridicule Romney for the same things the mainstream media gets caught up with like Romney’s statement to the press on the weakness of our US embassy in Cairo apologizing to its attackers. Conversely, Joe rarely takes issue with Barack Obama, at least not conjuring up the same ire he does for Mitt Romney. Friday was the first discussion Joe had on his show about the President’s foreign policy as it relates to the Benghazi attack, seventeen days later and on the same day the mainstream media decided it was news.

Wednesday when Joe got his hands on a doctored MSNBC tape of the Romney rally in question, he had a heyday laughing at Mitt for what his producers and executives wanted to portray as Romney getting no crowd support from his rally goers and encouraging them to chant his name. By doctored, I don’t mean they manipulated the audio, his producers added the subtitled words “Ryan, Ryan, Ryan” to indicate the crowd wasn’t chanting for Mitt Romney. A nice cutting room parlor trick. Joe’s visceral response, as the video of the show indicates, was to say “Sweet Jesus” and place his hands on his face in laughter beclowning Mitt Romney.

Wednesday’s Morning Joe With Video Comparison

Here is the rub, the three aforementioned embedded journalists reported the crowd was actually chanting Romney’s name and Mitt, out of kindness, simply wanted them to include his running mate and said “Romney-Ryan, Romney-Ryan” never leading the crowd into chanting for Romney, himself, as Joe wants his viewers to believe. The Blaze was the first post I saw that reported speaking with people at the rally saying Joe had it wrong. This led to a conversation on Twitter which led to an inflammatory response from Scarborough including a tweet that read he was “taking note of those who link to the lie’ as though he was compiling some type of clandestine list.

See, the real version of the rally does not fit Joe’s narrative of Romney being a fool and a horrible politician, and since he tweeted Friday night those apposing MSNBC’s version of the events were liars before the embedded journalists came forward to clear the record, he stuck to his guns. The Blaze broke the story that MSNBC misled viewers with the video but Breitbart ran with it making Morning Joe the topic of conversation Friday afternoon by thousands on Twitter.

Enter the embedded journalists, first BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins wrote Friday:

But the subtitle in the clip misrepresented what actually took place. BuzzFeed was present at the event, and took note that the crowd was actually chanting Romney’s name, before he encouraged them to add his running mate to the chant.

Kasie Hunt With The Associated Press

Embedded Politico Reporter Ginger Gibson Live Tweeting The Rally

Now compare what reporters actually at the Romney event said took place with what Joe Scarborough’s version and what he Tweeted Friday:

There are a couple more tweets from Scarborough where (without naming Breitbart or The Blaze) he indicates “It is stupid false controversy brought to you by the same people who say all polls (including Fox News) are rigged.” You can see this tweet the another at The Right Sphere. I did not screen cap them as I never thought I would be blocked by a fellow “conservative” on Twitter.

Saturday morning I was calling Joe out on his distortions on Twitter with several, ok a LOT, of retweets from my followers, Joe didn’t like the truth and shut me down for being a BIG meanie. I’m sure he will take to his show Monday morning, pound on his chest and declare “right wing radical nut-jobs on Twitter who blog from their Mom’s basement” waged unfounded attacks against him as this is almost verbatim what Joe has said before of conservative bloggers. He will vindicate himself as getting it right, never mentioning the embedded reporters who were at the rally and take issue with his version of the event. And NBC will parade Joe before Meet The Press as the GOP standard bearer because he is the type of squish they want bashing republican candidates like Joe did during the entire GOP primary. It’s a symbiotic relationship, Joe fits their need for a “tried and true conservative” and they fit his as an evolved Upper East Side metropolitan who can appreciate the liberal point of view.

I don’t take issue with Joe cashing in, congratulations on five years, but stop kidding everyone and start being true to yourself. Even Bay Buchanan on September 23rd Meet The Press said she felt as though she was the only republican at the table calling it “four to one” striking a nerve with Joe and sending him into a tailspin whining like a child for his conservative credentials.

I have been blocked on Twitter by Keith Olbermann, Media Matters Eric Boehlert, Rosanne Barr and a few other crazed liberals for calling them out but, again, I’ve never been blocked by someone who describes himself as a conservative for sending off several tweets like this:

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