Good News For The Good Guys, Major Garrett Accepts New Job As CBS Chief White House Correspondent

CBS announced Sunday a good man, Major Garrett, as it’s new Chief White House Correspondent.

Garrett served the same role at Fox a few years back but stepped down when Glenn Beck started going off the rails with all his wingnut conspiracy theory antics. Garrett perhaps didn’t want his journalistic integrity compromised so he took a much lower profile job with The National Journal which is telling in and of itself as to the reasoning a journalist who had reached the pinnacle of that profession, on television and covering the White House beat, would flush all that for a print job with a lesser known publication.

What’s the point? Garrett is a Jake Tapper style reporter, likely a democrat but a consummate professional who calls them the way he sees them. With the Benghazi hearings putting much needed focus on the CIA intelligence being changed by the Administration to suit Obama’s political narrative during the election of “Al Qaeda had been decimated,” the timing couldn’t be better for Major Garrett to take on this role again covering the White House. And rest assured Garrett won’t be gushing over Obama like Chuck Todd and the other liberal clowns in the pool do asking “boxers or briefs” when Barack actually takes questions from the media.

Now before I get beat up or labeled a RINO let me make myself understood: I trust and respect most of Fox News Channel’s programming. As fantastic of a job Fox News’ Katherine Herridge, Bret Baier and Ed Henry (and others) have done reporting the Benghazi coverup and timeline, the sad truth is it’s going to take the elite network media applying pressure and asking hard questions of the administration IF any progress is to be made in revealing the Obama White House of the obvious wrongdoing. Although Roger Ailes got rid of Beck, FNC still has a fair share of fringe entertainers like Sean Hannity who are obviously beloved that prohibits the solid aforementioned reporters (and others) from ever being taken seriously by mainstream America. The 2012 presidential election results reveals America does not take Fox news and all its accurate reporting of Barack Obama seriously otherwise Ann Romney would have had measuring the drapes at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on her Christmas to do list.

Major Garrett back on television as a White House correspondent reporting for CBS is a huge win for the good guys and will prove to be a MAJOR pain in Obama and Jay Carney’s ass.

  • JoColl

    This surprised me, however if he’s liberal good riddens. Let him join one of the Obama team networks. I’m guessing he would rather work for a network that hides the truth.

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