Bill Burton Tells CNN Wolf Blitzer He Absolutely Stands By Deceptive Priorities USA Romney Attack Ad

Many pundits shamed the Priorities USA ad that placed the blame of a former steelworker’s wife’s death on Bain Capital and inevitably Mitt Romney including Time Magazine and MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin and Huffington Post’s Sam Stein. The SuperPAC is run by former Obama Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton who was on CNN Wednesday night and he toed the same line Robert Gibbs and Stephanie Cutter did earlier in the day by saying he did not see anything wrong with the ad. In other words “pay no attention here, look at what Romney is saying.”

These people are pathetic. Even CNN reported yesterday Romney left Bain in 1999, the lady in question died in 2006 therefore the ad is deceptive. Also brought to light today: The woman had health insurance from her place of employment after her husband, Joe Soptic, lost his job . Also, Gibbs and Cutter claimed to not be familiar with the ‘Joe Soptic Story’ but a May conference call with Cutter and Soptic also surfaced today making that claim a load of mierda. One would have thought after Obama’s media friends actually pushed back on the ad, The Washington Post giving it 4 pinocchios, that Burton would have slightly acquiesced but these are Obama people and they never accept fault, shame or guilt.

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