Are The Republican Presidential Candidates Set Or Will There Be A Late Entrance?

How important was the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans?  The fact that Ron Paul won the RLC 2011 in an onsite straw poll this weekend should answer that question, but another Texas Republican was a huge hit in New Orleans, Gov. Rick Perry.  According to all reports, his speech was very well received by the standing ovations he got.

The Wall Street Journal reported today Perry aides are sizing up potential roadblocks for 2012 republican presidential bid after the great reception from RLC 2011.  Perry has been Governor of Texas for 10 years and has realized 37% growth in jobs as the rest of the country has experienced rises in unemployment.  Perry is clearly positioning himself as the anti-Romney choice with his charisma and charm, but can the governor get organized and raise enough money to be a serious contender come August in Iowa?  Gov. Perry has expressed he will have his decision and announce in early July.

The majority of the country is ill informed of political candidates and the political process, typically making a decision at the last minute based on what they have heard from their other uninformed friends. The American voter is not going to roll the dice in 2012 on another presidential candidate who is shiny, loud and gregarious.

Regardless of Governor Perry’s decision, and in lieu of what the mainstream media claims average conservative Americans think about the current crop of republican presidential candidates, I believe the stage has been set and the nominee will come from one of the 7 people who debated last Monday night in New Hampshire.  I know John Huntsman is now entering the race, but the fact that he is so beloved by Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and most other New York media pundit types should be very telling.  And have you seen that awful dirt bike ad announcing his presidential candidacy?  Who is the moron that advised him on that?

So, I am going on the record right now and handicapping the republican presidential primary, mid June 2011, putting my neck on the line early:  Romney will win the nomination and he will tap Bachmann as his running mate.

I catch criticism often from those who know me on liking Romney as the GOP presidential candidate, but I may shock you in saying the following:  I am not a Romney fan, I just want the best candidate who strategically can win the presidency for the GOP. Most people make the decision on who they think the candidate should be by their own paradigms, their geographical culture, the demographic with which they are in, and how attracted to and informed they are with political issues.

For the Southern Tea Party type, my “kinfolk” by the way,  Bachmann is their candidate because she is attractive and can formulate a sentence (unlike the other high profile female republican gaffe machine with the big bus).  The congresswoman has had only 1 history gaffe thus far, which seems to have now been overshadowed by her strong performance at the New Hampshire Debate.  She also seems to have the most antipathy for Obama than the other candidates which should resonate extremely well for her at NASCAR hog roasts.

For the Midwestern polite christian conservative type, Tim Pawlenty is their candidate.  A formidable candidate to be sure, but one week removed from his missed opportunity with his “Obomnicare” goof, he just can’t shake the persona that he seems timid and indecisive.  Real shame because Pawlenty is indeed a class act.

One can probably lump the Hermann Cain and Ron Paul people all in the same group, and that is all I am going to say about that.  Then the people still hanging with the smartest guy in the room, Newt, are as loyal as my golden retriever as Gingrich has been DOA since his campaign launch week.  The only candidate left of the 7 who debated in New Hampshire is Rick Sanatorum and that is all anyone really knows about Rick Santorum.

The majority of the country is not a freak like I am, or you for reading this blog, and are ill informed of political candidates and the political process for that matter, typically making a decision at the last minute based on what they have heard from their other uninformed friends.  Remember High School “so who are you going to vote for prom king and queen?”

Which brings us to Romney.  The country is not going to roll the dice on another President who is shiny, loud and gregarious (Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry).  The general public may be uninformed but they aren’t idiots, fully aware the promises of hope a change from then Senator Obama was another bill of goods sold by a dubious politician.  No, they are going to be attracted to, shall we call it, comfort food this time around, and does Romney ever fit that billing.  Romney 2.0 looks far more presidential than 4 years ago, and perhaps like the accountant you want to be sitting across from when you are in a financial crisis.  Alright, a very good looking accountant but physical attractiveness also helps in presidential elections.  Now marry Romney with Bachmann, who will satisfy the right wing base appetite, and, voila, you have the recipe for a winning GOP presidential ticket!

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