A Word From One Of Our Founding Fathers With A Case Study On The Ramifications Of The New Entitlement America

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” — Benjamin Franklin

The founders, in all their brilliance, only allowed for property owners to vote for a reason. Now in the dawn of our modern society, the scales have tipped where the producers are being outnumbered by the those attempting to or already living on the government dole as evidenced by Tuesday’s election.

Welcome to the New America, ladies and gentlemen.

First stop Great Britain, next stop Belgium, will be making stops in Spain and Italy along the way and will end up in Greece. As of Thursday 45 companies announced layoffs coming in an effort to batten down the hatches for what a 2nd mandated term with an electoral college sweep from Barack Obama is going to mean fiscally to the business world.

I have a very close friend I will call Jack, the antithesis of Julia, with whom had a candid conversation with me on the effects of what the now certain entitlement era of America is going to mean to his life to provide an example of what is in store for him in the New America. Like me, Jack is a small business owner but he is a dentist. He is having a staff meeting next Friday to announce mandatory cutbacks in his practice because of the following costs of doing business he will now incur in 2013 that he was hoping to have been circumvented by Obama not being reelected:

FICA and Medicare shared requirements will be going up on him to 6.2% and 2.35% respectively; he has already been told from his dental supplies in 2013 he will have a 4.2% new surcharge on ALL supplies and equipment due to added regulatory costs from the manufacturer; ObamaCare requirements for his employees is going to cost him through the eye teeth (since no one knows what it is and how much he can’t quantify it yet but it won’t be cheap); AND, if that were not enough, since John’s business is taxed at his personal rate, like 75% of ALL small businesses in America, per the only incumbent President to campaign promise a tax hike and get reelected, John’s business will tax burden will now jump to 39.6% (or more.) He told me he is concerned and, frankly, fearful of the other costs that he is going to incur from unknown new and other revenue requirements by the federal government.

These are just the new costs of doing business Jack knows are in store for him and doesn’t include the promised hike in capital gains taxes to 20% or have imposed on him the so-called Buffett rule of a minimum 30 percent tax on high-earners and dividends taxed as ordinary income for individuals with adjusted gross income of $200,000 ($250,000 for married couples filing jointly.) So, like hundreds of thousands of other Americans, Jack told me he will be meeting with his broker, cashing out now before the new taxes are effective and going to gold, silver and liquidity. That will be why you will see the stock market plummet in the coming days and months, people will be cashing out.

Jack just bought a new home, says he has already discussed with his wife selling it and downsizing, and he will be forced to do the same with his business letting good people go so he can continue to hopefully provide the lifestyle he, his wife and his two daughters have earned through Jack’s hard work. Jack should be fine, he has saved well, but will definitely bring home MUCH LESS money for the same amount or more work. He is disheartened, though, that to stay alive he will now be forced to send good people out among the 23 million already jobless or under employed. And he has informed me if it gets too bad where he sees he may start losing money, he will shut his practice down, liquidate completely, live in a small condominium and perhaps teach dentistry or work part time for a government run clinic as there will be more government run entities in the New America than private business. So, that would mean all of Jack’s eighteen employees would be jobless.

This is just one story of several I know personally that I chose to tell and will be told hundreds of thousands of times over in the New America.

It’s like Dennis Miller said, the guy busting his hump for $44K managing a fast food restaurant will come to the conclusion “I can nearly draw the same from the government through disability, entitlements, food stamps, etc so why bust my hump?” This is the very America Obama is promoting and that got him reelected. And who picks up the tab for all the FREE stuff? The Jack’s of America. It’s a model that can’t be sustained, there aren’t enough Jack’s to pay for all the people who want ObamaClause to give them a free ride.

I haven’t seen the movie “2016: Obama’s America” but I know the premise and I whole heartedly believe Obama is setting out to fundamentally transform America from a free market powerhouse to a State run country on par with other militarily and financially impotent countries because he believes “empires are inherently evil.” No, evil resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and America was charmed into giving place to evil for four more years.

As for me, I am going to rededicate my life and lean on my faith now more than ever, clean up my sinful thoughts, fleshly impulses, foul tongue and judgmental mind. I am going do my level best to not be anxious about anything, but in prayer with thanksgiving let my heart be made known to God, seek his face, and pray that the peace of the Father, which surpasses all understanding, guard my heart and mind through Christ Jesus. In my opinion, that is the only way (and has always been the only way) to guard ourselves from the evil lurking in this world and that, in my humble assessment, is the prevailing winds in the New America.

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