Founder of Kodi addons library TVAddons steps down as site administrator

Adam Lackman, the founder of Kodi addons library TVAddons has resigned for ensuring the longevity of the platform. Recently, he filed a case for alleged copyright infringement against a multitude of Canadian telecoms firms including Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, and Videotron.

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He also took a decision to resign his job after his laptop has been seizures by bailiffs for looking to secure the property that could be used to pay the money of $57,500 (CAD) in legal costs run up by the telecoms firm’s lawyers, Torrent-freak reports.

In June 20th, 2018, the writer of TVAddons put the news in a blog post as “we sorry to inform our users that our founder has resigned his position as administrator of our servers and web site”. But, he will contribute to marketing and outreach and will no longer retain administrative access to our servers or any other sensitive information. But, this decision has been made after a long period of deliberation amongst senior members of our team and has been made in order to ensure the longevity of our platform. He has been decided to contribute to marketing and outreach, but will no longer retain administrative access to our servers. Even-though, the site says that the founder of TVAddons, Adam Lackman would be a liability for the rest of our platform and users” if he was to retain administrative access.

At the same time, the TVAddons can also share any revenues earned with Adam, in order to support him in his David vs. Goliath legal battle. We have always operated within the law. Billion dollar companies will stop at nothing, manipulating the law in their efforts to destroy us.

A new admin has been selected, but nobody knows who they are apart from the new admin themselves. The TVAddons group said that selecting the new administrator to replace Adam Lackman in his former role as administrator, an automated script has to be used to select the person randomly for his replacement from amongst our most trusted senior staff.

During the time of selection, the automated script also delivered relevant passwords which the new administrator then changed so that only he would know them. But, the staff member only selected knows that he is our new platform administrator.

“The rest of us are not aware of which one of us was selected, the process was designed that way. Within a few weeks time, our new administrator will take charge and it is possible that we might get some upgrades to our web site shortly after.”

Dish Network can also filed a case against the TVAddons which has accused it of copyright infringement, android-tv-box-iptv-kodi-piracy.


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