White Man Beaten By Black Mob In Critical Condition And Told It Was Justice For Treyvon

An Alabama man, Matthew Owens, trying to get his car past a group of teens playing basketball in the middle of his street at 8:30 Saturday night now lies in critical condition and no suspect has been apprehended.  His sister witnessed the beating, said the teens had words with her brother, left and came back to Owens front yard with a mob.  Then after using paint cans, chairs, and any other object they could find leaving her brother clinging to life, they were heard saying as they left “..now that was justice for Treyvon.”

Never in my life can I remember America so divided, not even through the O.J. Simpson trial (I am not old enough to have lived through the 1960′s).  What Al Sarpton, Jesse Jackson and yes even Barack Obama started in making the Treyvon Martin a national outrage is turning into a tinder box that many feared as previously to this tragedy another black man beat a white man in Chicago

just because he was upset about Treyvon Martin.  These are just the beatings we know about from the pent up outrage created by Sharpton and Obama.

Al Sharpton creates controversy for monetary gain, that is why he is front and center at every racial event in America.  Without racial division and conflict Sharpton would be out of business as that is what his “ministry” is cloaked in — the “unjust” plight of the black man.  Never have African Americans had more opportunities available in America as evidenced by holding the highest office in the land but Sharpton would have us believe never have black people been so oppressed because without downtrodden African Americans Al Sharpton would be out of business.  Therefore, in my opinion, that makes Al Sharpton a pimp of his own people.

Barack Obama is dividing America to get reelected and it is despicable.  He can’t run on his horrid record so he is dividing people into haves vs have nots, old vs young, and black vs white.  Why else would the President of the United States make a comment about a local issue in Sanford, Florida saying “if I had a son he would look like Treyvon.”  And this is not the first time the community organizer from Chicago stuck his Presidential nose in a race relations  event, remember the black professor arrested in Massachusettes for disorderly conduct and Obama saying the cops “acted stupidly” before he knew the facts in the case prompting Obama to acquiesce and hold the now infamous beer summit at the White House?

I, like many, fear this is just the beginning with riots probably on the horizon in the Mark Zimmerman case if he is acquited of 2nd degree murder.  Many black leaders in the United States, for their own specific, selfish reasons, have race relations at an all time low and, as the news is already fleshing out, we are very close to a large scale incident.  But for now, Al Sharpton, MSNBC and, in my opinion, Barack Obama have blood on their hands.  Who will report it?


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