Palin Has Trouble With Revolutionary War History

We at Strokes of Candor offer honest opinions on current events without regard to political party affiliation.  The left have no question sensationalized every moment since Sara Palin hit the international stage, but the extreme right also has a propensity to cover up and protect Palin from her own gaffes and mistakes.  Our mission here is more geared toward fiscal conservatism relative to policy and economy with an equal opportunity approach at hypocrisy on the left and right.

On Palin’s recent “not running for president” bus tour, she was asked by a local reporter in Boston “Governor Palin, so what will you take away from your trip to Boston”.  Standard question from local news correspondent covering Sara Palin’s visit.  Here response to that question:


When confronted by this obvious gaffe regarding “bells” being the warning signal and not the historical lanterns used on Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday, Palin doubled down and stuck to her original false statement on Revere’s infamous midnight ride:


The extreme right wing must learn by protecting Palin from her obvious shortcomings only discredits the GOP and conservative thinkers and further proves to be a detriment come election time. Conservative news outlets like (some) Fox News shows and radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, who both defended Palin, know better and should remain consistent without showing favoritism for those who align with them ideologically.  Or, by allowing for a double standard, or a pass for the popular Palin,  they simply end up acting like extreme left liberals like Janeane Garofalo defending Anthony Weiner and his actions on Bill Maher’s HBO show.  Did Palin do something lewd and terrible like Weiner, of coarse not! But, they both were dishonest about their particular situations, and being asked “how is your trip in Boston” is far from a “shout out gotcha type of question” as Governor Palin expressed. Everyone makes mistakes, unfortunately some more than others, so Palin should learn from the way Governor Christie handled a situation he found himself in concerning using a State Helicopter as his ride to his son’s soccer game: Confess when you mess up and be honest without placing blame on others and more than likely the situation will go away!

Or, continue to contest you made no mistake and allow for the “Lamestream Media” and the late night comics to write your story like this:


I would hate to ask Governor Palin’s recollection of “D-Day” as I fear it would anger her by bringing back memories of taking home her American History report card from High School.

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