Candidate Obama And The Media Blamed Bush For High Gas Prices Circa 2008

Obama, his surrogates and the media now say gas prices can’t be controlled by the President — Obama saying “there is no silver bullet — but in 2007 they were placing the blame of high gas prices squarely on the shoulders of George W. Bush.

The cost of gasoline today is at its highest point ever during winter, an ominous sign of what might be on the horizon in the months to come. According to government data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average price of regular unleaded is $3.65 over the three-month period of December, January and February. The current national average is even higher: $3.83, according to the latest figures from AAA. This past December, motorists encountered the highest ever price for gas at Christmas in history. Today drivers in California are paying on average of more than $4 per gallon for regular. News reports from Florida put the price at nearly $6. And what is network media “journalists” reporting on? Rush Limbaugh wrongly calling the Georgetown Law student who wants free birth control a slut. And how bad the Republican Presidential candidates are.

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It is common knowledge in the oil industry that the mere mention of domestic drilling on private lands, the ANWR, or non-deep ocean coastal sites if permitted by this administration would significantly drive DOWN the price of oil as the Saudi’s and OPEC would not want to lose the business and thus would lower the price per barrel of oil. The mention of a green light for the Keystone project would have the same affect but this President and his energy secretary, Steven Chu, are on record voicing their disdain for fossil fuel; therefore high gas prices can be directly laid at the feet of Barack Obama. But understand, believing facts would have you and me as “founding members of the flat Earth society.” They have no plan, only attacks and we have them on record with many more videos like what I have posted here blaming Bush for the same but more dire circumstance America finds its prospects of affordable energy in today. Spin your own spin President Obama and the informed will post more videos and eat more popcorn.

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