Inside The Seedy Colombian Love Club Where Obama’s Secret Service Agents Picked Up Their Prostitutes


Reports arrived on past  Monday of the dingy Colombian love club,  where Obama’s Secret Service agents picked up their prostitutes ahead of the Summit of the Americas conference in Cartagena, according to the New York Daily News.  A windowless, one-story brick building with neon signs and a public shower,  The Pley Club is a far cry from the 5-star hotel where the agents were staying.

The NY Daily Reports:

“The gringos got rowdy at the bar,” one of the locals said.  “They drank fine whiskey and slept with the prettiest ones, the ones that charge 300,000 pesos (about $180).”  He continued, “Some did not want to pay. To make it worse, they almost beat up employees who wanted them to pay up.”

However, the club’s manager told the New York Daily News that, to the best of his knowledge, the Secret Service agents never set foot on the premises. The Daily News’s sources said otherwise.

Either way, the manager was quick to explain the process whereby his girls sell more than a dance:

“The girls dance for the audience. They put on a show…Then, they walk around and talk to the guys. A dance can cost from 80,000 to 90,000 pesos.  Then, if they like each other, they negotiate a deal…The tourists come here and have a good time. We don’t let them mistreat the girls. They come to us if someone isn’t treating them right. Customers get drunk, but it never gets out of hand.”

One of the staffers at the Hotel Caribe, where the agents were staying, claims one of the agents started tossing furniture and others flashed their badges to try to settle the matter, after a manager stepped in on behalf of a prostitute who had not been paid for services rendered according to multiple reports including the NY Daily.

“When the hotel manager showed up, one of the agents starting throwing chairs and tables around…They were showing their badges saying, ‘Look, look who we are!’”  The staffer continued, “He didn’t want to pay one of the girls. They had huge egos.”

Obama commented on the scandal Sunday, saying he will be “angry” if the allegations prove to be true, and he expects a “thorough and rigorous” investigation.  With the GSA scandal hearings underway on Capital Hill, the agency that was exposed for its lavish $800,000 Las Vegas Conference that answers to the White House, and new information coming forward almost weekly on the Department of Justice ‘Fast and Furious’ gun running operation that left border agent Brian Terry dead and Attorney General Eric Holder possibly perjuring himself, one has to wonder with election day in November looming if all these scandals within the Obama Administration will carry over to the voting booth.

**Update** New York Post reporting Tuesday morning the Secret Service Agents were bragging at The Pleyclub Columbian loveshack that they “worked for President Obama” and were flashing their badges.  Also the agents had exact schedules of Obama’s itinerary in their hotel rooms where they brought the prostitutes back to “perform” for them.  More to come, developing.

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