Disgraced Former Secret Service Agent David Chaney Has An Eye For The Girls Facebook Photos Reveal


Married former Secret Service agent David Chaney ousted in the Colombia prostitution sex scandal Facebook page had several pictures of himself with scantily clad women bringing further embarrassment to the agency as three more of his co-workers resigned in disgrace yesterday.  Also tossed from the agency with Chaney was K-9 Unit supervisor Greg Stokes.

Chaney had brazenly flaunted his taste for boozing and beauties on his Facebook page boldly before the prostitution scandal erupted, but it appears now he is a little more shy with his womanizing on display ways as his FB account has vanished.  The photo above shows Chaney at a high-school reunion in 2009 sandwiched between two pretty blondes, each kissing him on a cheek and neither his wife.  I found his wedding photo on Facebook as well but thought I would save his wife from further underserved disgrace and not publish it.


In another photo, he and an unidentified man enjoy the performance of a scantily clad belly dancer while on vacation in Egypt.



The married federal agent also posted this photograph of himself guarding former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin — and boasted below it that he was “really checking her out.”

Meanwhile in Colombia yesterday, Dania Londoño Suárez, the 24-year-old prostitute who sparked the international scandal, went into hiding as a team of investigators grilled dozens of people — from maids to front-desk workers — at the Hotel Caribe, where the Secret Service take out bordello transpired according to The Washington Post.  Suarez’s lawyer, Marlan Betancourt, blasted the media for splashing pictures of his client worldwide.

*** UPDATE Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, is now inquiring into White House involvement in the Colombian Prostitution scandal in a letter sent to the Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan and the Inspector General of Homeland security Charles Edwards late Friday by demanding the release of documents about administration staffers who were at the Hotel Caribe CBS is reporting.

“Did the Secret Service reserve rooms at the Hotel Caribe . . . for representatives of the [White House Communications Agency] or the White House Advance Team?” he asked. “If so, have records for overnight guests for those entities been pulled . . . If not, why not?”

Fair questions that I am confident will spark a new line of distorting and deflection as already evidenced by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s comments on the inquiry by condemning this line saying “it is preposterous to politicize” (the scandal) in his press briefing Friday.  Heaven forbid the “most transparent White House in history” pledge by candidate Obama renege on another campaign promise.  And it is HILARIOUS that this White House has the stones criticize any elected for “being political” when every move Obama makes and has made as President has been purely political.  Read More Here With VIDEO

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