Colombian Prostitute Dania Londoño Suárez Who Brought Down The Secret Service Goes Into Hiding As Her Photos Go Viral

Dania Londoño Suárez and another “friend” who was at Cartagena’s Hotel Caribe on that infamous night have gone into hiding because of the media frenzy over her recently-released photos, her lawyer said today.

“They are outside the city, but I can’t tell you where they are,” Marlon Betancourt told The New York Daily News. “She is annoyed. She didn’t want that photo to be published but she is prepared to collaborate with the authorities to clear up the situation.”

Photos of Suarez that emerged on the internet were simply lifted from her Facebook Page (now nonexistent) about a week after the scandal erupted because the 24 year old Colombian prostitute was stiffed the amount of money she expected to receive for services rendered to an Obama Secret Service Agent who offered her only $30.

Her lawyer said Suarez and her unidentified friend “have not committed any crime or offense.  They haven’t done anything wrong,” Betancourt said. “The media really abused the photos.”

Meanwhile three more Secret Service agents have their jobs in the wake of the Colombia prostitution scandal, FOX News Channel confirmed Friday afternoon as it was reported that the prostitute,  Suárez, had gone into hiding.  The latest job losses bring the total number of Secret Service heads that have rolled from this scandal to six.  Two agents previously removed were identified late Thursday as supervisors David Chaney, who was allowed to retire, and Greg Stokes, who was fired.  Questionalbe photos of Chaney, a married man, with other women and a seedy photo of Chaney peering at Sarah Palin while he was on her VP security detail in 2007 were easily found in his Facebook photo album along with an off color comment about “checking her out if you know what I mean” referring to Palin.  A third ousted agent, a non-supervisory employee who resigned, has yet to be identified.  In total, 11 Secret Service agents were placed on administrative leave last week amid reports that they visited a Cartagena brothel late last Wednesday and then brought women back to their hotel. The agents were in the Colombian city to prepare for a weekend visit by President Barack Obama for the Summit of the Americas.

  • non of your business

    What a bunch of secrete jerk offs.  Stiffing a prostitute in a country where poverty is rampant and prostitution is actually a viable way for women there to make a livable income.  Perhaps Obama should reconsider his security as these agents lack common sense and couldn’t find there way out of a paper box.  Morons! If you’re going to sleep with a prostitute then pay her fee and leave her a tip.  Suarez, great job for having the courage to stick up for yourself and all other women who are sex workers! Don’t put up with these pigs who want to play and cheat on their wives but not pay the price (literally and figuratively) for their actions. Bravo you deserve a standing ovation and I Pray for your safety.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Haywood-Jeblowme/100002216110384 Haywood Jeblowme

    OK – went from $200 (believable) to $800 (fat fucking chance – especially down there.)

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