VIDEO CNN Anchor Soledad O’Brien Reveals Liberal Bias Again Attacking Allen West Over Communist Remarks

Allen West’s comments that there are Communists in the Fweb House of Representatives was brought up again by a known media liberal attack dog Thursday morning.  CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien, who revealed her biased standing as a “journalist” with her nonfactual and unprofessional attack on Joel Pollack over critical race theory, had a testy exchange with Congressman Allen West confronting him on his claims of progressive minded elected officials with communist/socialist leanings by demanding he “name names.”

From the beginning, O’Brien was combative, vehemently disagreeing with Allen West regarding Ted Nugent’s controversial recent comments. Then she turned to West’s own remarks. After playing the clip of West at a town hall O’Brien asked him about it, and West said that Communists have “renamed themselves progressive” but the ideology has stayed the same.  The exchange went as follows:

“So name names for me,” O’Brien said. “Start naming the 78 to 81…”

“Oh, we don’t have to…” West countered.

“Oh, we do! I’m dying to know,” O’Brien pressed. “Which are the members of the…”

“You can go look up the progressive caucus…” interrupted West.

“I got ‘em right here!” O’Brien interjected

“When then you’ve got the names,” West said.

“So Keith Ellison is a communist?” asked O’Brien. “Raúl Grijalva is a communist?”

“Well, look, I’m just talking about the fact that the ideology and principles — you can call it whatever you want…”

“Tammy Baldwin is a communist? Judy Chu is a communist?” O’Brien continued.

“You can call it whatever you want,” West replied.

“Yeah, but I want to know what you’re calling it,” O’Brien said.

“I’m calling it this,” West clarified. “Communist, progressive, Marxist, statist, another term being used. I’m looking at things they believe in. If you don’t think we have to stand upon truth and be able to identify and clearly contrast the different principles and values and ideologies of governance here in this country, then we’re never going to get to the fact of accepting the true debate happening in America. We don’t need a bureaucratic nanny state. We need to stay a Constitutional Republic. I think a lot of people need to study that and understand what it is.”

Here is the deal, West’s comments are indeed controversial but Soledad O’Brien job title is a cable news anchor, not an opinion contributor therefore her duty is to report the news not interject her personal liberal ideology in her ‘reporting’.  It would serve CNN well to tighten Ms. O’Brien’s leash unless they wish to have rating slide further and be deemed an annex of MSNBC — which viewership is virtually non-existent according to Neilson ratings.

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