Bravo To Liberal Kristen Powers For Asking ‘Where Is The Outrage At Misogynistic Liberal Men’?

My favorite liberal, Juan Williams, has been replaced with Daily Beast contributor Kristen Powers for her candor and bravery.  If you missed her piece on Limbaugh not being the only media misogynist as she references MSNBC’s Ed Schultz, Bill Maher and other liberals, stop and read it now.  Powers was interviewed by Megyn Kelly  Monday and the most profound Q&A was when Kelly asked whether Powers thinks liberals are genuinely offended by Rush but debilitated by a blind spot about their own side or whether they’re affecting outrageous outrage to put points on the partisan scoreboard. Powers thinks it’s the former; I think the truth is in between. They are genuinely offended — not by the rhetoric, though, but conservative opposition to abortion and support for prioritizing religious conscience above contraception coverage. That’s what makes Rush “anti-woman”; the “slut” name-calling is, supposedly, a window onto that deeper animus. Because Maher and Olbermann and Taibbi are “pro-woman” by default for being a part of the liberal tribe, they can be as personally nasty as they want and it’s not a window onto anything.  Powers says “because they are liberal men they are allowed to be misogynists.” The best rundown I have found of these men’s glossed over misogynistic comments was at The Daily Caller – the other must read/watch.

For all of the left’s bleeding-heart smugness about “good intentions,” they’re remarkably bottom-line on this: So long as you support abortion and the rest of their packet on social issues, your actual intent when calling a woman a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick” is irrelevant. It’s an irrebuttable presumption of feminism, a de facto “get out of misogyny free” card.  As a thought experiment, imagine, say, Maher suddenly declaring himself pro-life (that’s a mighty tough experiment, I know) and then calling a woman a “c*nt.” Think there’d be a response from the left then? I wonder, in fact, to what extent Power’s sensitivity to this is shaped by the fact that she’s pro-life herself or, as the left has been ranting since she wrote the piece, ‘she is just being Roger Ailes girl.’  I believe she was simply being decent to herself and being true to all women and that is tough to do with the people in her tent.  They now want her gone as badly as they want Rush gone as evidenced by the petition on the White House website, of all places, calling for the Armed Services Radio Network to drop Rush Limbaugh’s program.  This since has been taken down.

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