Bill Maher Takes Cheap Shot At Michelle Bachmann Using Trayvon Martin Frenzy And Calls Mark Zimmerman A F***ing Liar

Bill Maher was up to his usual smut Friday night on his HBO show.  In his opening monologue the unfunny comedian was poking fun at Speaker Boehner reprimanding Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL) for violating house rules by wearing a Trayvon Martin hoodie on the House floor while delivering a tirade and refusing to stop.  Maher embellished the story saying Rep. Rush was reprimanded because the hoodie was too scary for Congress and then Maher took his usual misogynistic line saying “too scary, have you ever looked into Michelle Bachmann’s eyes?”

Maher in his table discussion went on to continue the public conviction of Mark Zimmerman by calling him a “f***ing liar”.

Bottom line Maher, like Al Sharpton, Rowland Martin and the respective networks they represent are using the court of public opinion to convict Zimmerman and dangerously incite vitriol and violence over the tragic Trayvon Martin death for commercial gain as it relates to ratings.  We all know people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson only exist if their is racial tension so it is incumbent on their “profession” as pimps of racism to manufacture division in America thereby obtaining precious camera time keeping them in the public eye. The networks Sharpton represents, NBC, is walking a dangerous line in allowing one of its paid pundits who has a one hour show continue the public conviction of Zimmerman potentially creating a fatal violent backlash — check out these tweets from urban teens who want blood.

This Actually Exists On Twitter

Maher is simply a unfunny liberal quack who had to weigh in Treyvon Martin to feed his lefty audience hate rhetoric and continue the public trial of Mark Zimmerman liberals are hell bent on waging.  And to continue taking cheap shots at republican women.

  • Rox

    So true…

  • dngynbdy

    The one thing I learned from all this is that the ugly Liberals have a CLEAR mission to KEEP RACISM alive and well. They certainly do not want a country where people get along. Why else are they trying to stir people to commit more violence…. Lying thugs. They’re NO better than Zimmerman but remember, he hasn’t even gone to trial yet and they’re trying to do the SAME thing they accuse him of. Typical liberals: racial hypocrisy foaming from their stinky mouths.

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