NVIDIA Tegra 3 Publicly Introduced

NVIDIA has in the end made an announcement about the NVIDIA Tegra 3 but has got there official. The new chip follows on from the Tegra 2 which is a quad-core processor that was previously known as the Kal-El. By it becoming quad-core chip it needs to come as no surprise that must be more powerful than previous generations. As many as five times from almost everything that understand. We also hear that must be 61 percent better understanding that it’s very effective at 12 hours of average HD playback.The device utilises a fifth processor that can be used alone in the event the device doesn’t demand all four cores are performing. By switching to your single processor it allows efficiency to be maximised.The Tegra 3 uses a Cortex-A9 MPCore from ARM with all the four cores running at speeds of as many as 1.3GHz. The 61 percent saving ways that the quad-core processor can actually out perform a dual-core processor and make a battery last longer.The earliest device to launch by using a Tegra 3 chip inside is the Transformer Prime which we mentioned earlier today. Expect more devices to launch with all the chip in the coming months.To check out what difference 4 cores makes when compared with 2 cores, visit the demonstration video below. The motion picture runs some demo software that may be competent to activate all four cores or just one or 2 so as to see what extra performance boost it brings to a device

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