Nintendo Wii U Can’t Hold Up Over Time

Every year around this time it seems like the latest and greatest in gaming technology is released. This often leads everyone to flock to the store and try to get their hands on a copy of the latest piece of hardware to hit the market. Sometimes it is some amazing new piece of technology, while other times it is just a piece of hardware that will adapt your current console to do something that the other consoles have available. The Xbox360, PS3, and Wii have been the staples in the video console gaming world for the past several years, but this is the first year that only one of the is releasing new technology. PS3 has a new slim version available, but besides the shape and size of the console the interior is still basically the same. The Wii is now launching the Wii U and without a lot if any competition this season.

How the Wii U Works

The Wii U takes everything that you love about your current Wii and then makes it a little better. The Wii U has taken the customer into consideration by creating an entirely new console, but without having to revamp the entire system. This means that all of the games and accessories that you have purchased or downloaded to your current Wii will work and can be easily transferred to your Wii U console. The Wii U console is basically just a new sleek version of the old Wii console, but there are several benefits. HD is finally here. You can now enjoy all of your favorite Wii console games in HD. This is a huge bonus since any gamer will tell you that graphics are a large part of the gaming experience. All of the other consoles have had HD capabilities for quite some time, and now the Wii is catching up in that area.

The new technology is obviously not in the HD properties, but it is with the handheld console that comes along with the Wii U unit. The handheld device is basically an accessory to the games, and is an entirely new type of remote. Do you remember when you used to play the old school Nintendo and even though the technology to read your movements in game play was just a dream you still would direct the remote in the direction that you wanted your character to move? That is what made the Wii so great, your character would actually turn when you turned the remote, but now Wii has taken it one step further and created a handheld game to accompany the exact game that you are playing. The handheld remote comes with a 6” screen that will show you a completely different point of view for your characters game play. It is a great way for not only you to enjoy the game, but for people watching to enjoy the game.

Why it Won’t Last

There is much speculation that while the Wii U will be the gaming console of the season it will most likely be a passing Fad. There are certain aspects of the game play that will make the actual game play more difficult. Also, the handheld devices are quite expensive and most families are not going to want to purchase one for every member of their household. It is a great experience, but right now it is rather costly for a gaming system that has been marketed as “family friendly”.

People have also been critical about the memory and battery life. There is only 4 GB of available memory on the new unit, so you will most likely have to purchase a memory card right from the get go. There is also the fact that the additional screen will kill the remote rather quickly, so a charging station is a must. The Wii U is going to be quite an investment for a family, so the likelihood that the average family chooses to upgrade to the new Wii U system is not very likely.

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