How to Use Kodi Without Breaking the Law

In Kodi, you can streaming the movies and sports without realizing the actually fact that you probably shouldn’t. But now the penny has dropped, and you want to move on. Is it time to dump your Kodi box which is still legal to use, or can you enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, and sport on Kodi. 90% of the kodi addons are third party addons. Streaming with these addons are illegal. Kodi builds are the best replacement for addons. And they suit perfect for this situation. Because streaming is kodi build is not illegal. And no one can ban the build. So you can trust the build, when compared to the addons. Kodi build is a secret trick to watch our favorite content in a uninterrupted way.

Cull the Add-ons

To start cull the add-ons, you must need to give some attention to the various add-ons that you have already installed on your Kodi box. You can find that the add-ons concerned have stopped working wherever the legal challenges have been made. It doesn’t matter whether you run Kodi on an Android-based TV box, an Amazon Fire Stick, a desktop or laptop computer, or on a Raspberry Pi – you don’t want these add-ons any longer.

This is not a easy task either, sadly. You must need to boot your Kodi device, and then you can check the every add-on which you already installed to confirm whether it works or not. If it does work properly, then you have to check that it is offering the content legally. If the movies and TV shows are being streamed and you’re not paying for them, they you have to uninstall the add-on.

To uninstall the unwanted Kodi add-on which is already installed on your Kodi app, then do, Go to the Add-ons > My Add-ons menu and select the add-on in question. On the next screen, you have to find the Uninstall button, and then click on it. After that, confirm your decision and please wait a moment for the add-on to be removed.

Find Official and Legal Add-ons

If you’ve got anything left over, it’s probably things like YouTube, or some podcast channels. It is fine that you are on the right track to use Kodi without attracting any unwanted attention received from the feds. You don’t have any difficulty for finding the legal add-ons that are offering quality content, either.

The majority of add-ons that you can trust to deliver legally-sourced content can be found in the official Kodi Add-on repository only.

Anyhow, you should not be without the following:

  • YouTube
  • USTVNow
  • Twitch
  • ESPN 3 (valid subscription required)
  • Plex for Kodi (Plex Pass required)

It should be found in My Add-ons > Add-on Repository, where the Kodi Add-on repository should be enabled. Once you’ve finished this then you will have access to the full selection of safe add-ons via Add-ons > Download > Video add-ons and another categories too.

Everything you need to enjoy video and audio content like TV, movies, your music collection, podcasts as well as photos is built into Kodi. Using Kodi in a legal way is simple:


  • You have to Remove the add-ons streaming copyrighted content without any permission.
  • You must use only an official add-ons which means a legal add-ons.
  • Now you can view your movies from a USB device.
  • Streaming the content over your home network from another PC or NAS box.

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