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2012 was an interesting year for being truly evolutional and informative for online gaming enthusiasts. It saw the increase in demand of the digitally distributed game, and the first upsurge in console wars with the launch of WiiU. 2012 was also witness to the birth of new franchises and the demise of established properties. It was indeed a wild year and has sure paved the way for an even crazier 2013. The following article compiles a tentative list of the most anticipated games that have been confirmed to be launched in 2013 for popular gaming consoles like the PSIII & Xbox 360.

DanteDante makes a comeback with a new sensitive look, but armed with a familiar demon thrashing arrogance. The game is divided into two parts, one being a prequel and the other being a reboot. Dante’s new developer Ninja has gone all out to transform’s the game’s main protagonist into an alternative reality. But despite the transformed Dante, the character will retain its ass-kicking prowess that the series is popular for. The alternate style statement and some crafty developing was all that was required for the revival of the dwindling fortune of the neglected franchise.

Dead Space 3

The wacko lead character Isaac Clarke returns once again to stop the scattering Necromorph curse. But this time around, the gloominess of space is somewhat replaced by the whiteout of a frozen world, and Isaac’s seclusion is disturbed by the arrival of a co-op friendly soldier to assist him in his path to exterminate another alien Marker. It’s a new way forward for the series, but built on the groundwork of survival horror staples that the Visceral Games franchise excels at. It may just be one of the worst games to play immediately before going to sleep.

Crysis 3

A time may soon come when gamer may just get bored of enemy soldiers, monsters, aliens, meteorites & giant marshmallow men attempting taking a shot at destroying New York City. But thanks to the third Crysis game, that day is not coming any time soon. The latest edition of the popular game arrives at New York City with the trademark lead character compressed in his fancy suit returns to the Big Apple on a tale of vengeance only to find himself embroiled in yet another conspiracy. The conspiracy angle adds a much needed twist to the game’s mystique tempting PC and Xbox 360 fans alike to drool over the prospect of enjoying yet-another sumptuous piece of adventure.

Tomb Raider

Computer video gaming has reached such a point that there must be a genre dedicated to reboot/prequel for each game. But even though deriding the perpetual wave of reboots has become an omnipresent excuse for sheer lack of creativity, sometimes rebooting may just be the savior that is being looked for. Tomb Raider is just another video-gaming franchise that has saturated its fullest potential long before. It inspired countless others to think on similar lines, and many did it better. So it made sense that something needed to change. Hence, Lara Croft was chosen to be the mother of all video game reboots. Her history was long taken for granted, in spite of the fact there could have been yet another interesting story about her life waiting to be told. And probably it was time too.


Comic book fans may face encounter an irksome dilemma post the games’ launch for a multiplicity of reasons. Part of their mind should be thrilled to see a warrior created on the principal and greatest of the DC universe. Being able to fight it out with the likes of Green Lantern and Night wing will always be an exciting proposition for the fans, in spite of the unsuccessful bid of the game developers to merge the MK and Dc universes. The second and the most intriguing dilemma that concerns the fans, is in relation to the much talked about fight sequence between Catwoman & the Superman. It’s not exactly going to be a fair fight at all. But there must be a hidden story element that delves into a balancing act and as long as there is any remote possibility for it, everyone else shall remain definitely captivated.

Star Trek

Now this is one game that has been a standout inspiration for developers of movie based games. The team at Digital Extreme dedicated the last few years developing a set of games within the backdrop of the films, yet without being specifically grateful to it. Star Trek has been lucky enough to have the excuse of multiple missions programmed in to its DNA, so the latest version is just another extension in the life of its Enterprise. Intended to be a co-op game, Kirk and Spock lead from the front in the battle against the Gorn, an adversary not seen since the arrival the TOS version. Perhaps, Kirk is expected to annihilate the Gorn only after a singular meeting, thus preventing their return to the show. Maybe we shall find out when the game releases in the first quarter of 2013, just before the next film.


The first quarter of the year is loaded with major franchises launching their newly updated games. But there hasn’t been a single game that has been officially earmarked for launch in the latter part of 2013, especially after October. In such a scenario, gaming fans should stack up enough cash to buy some of the biggest games of the year, all of which are looking for a year end release. Odds are high for a new Call of Duty to be released anytime soon or a new version of the Modern warfare 4 in the latter part of 2013; But all that is mere speculation without any proper confirmation from the developers stable. Until then, the list compiled above is comprehensive enough to keep the gamers wired up to their gaming consoles.

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