• lena dunham vote for what

    Newest Installment Of Why We’re Screwed

    Rolling Stone posted this video to its website today titled "Turn Out For What" I still think we have a good chance of gaining the majority in the Senate from the Nov 4 midterm election. But, America has become so wantonly ignorant in a shockingly … [Full Story...]

  • cult

    Broadcast Media Continues To Shill; Mute On Obama’s Polling

    You might have read some of my rants regarding our corrupt media that enraged me in 2008 because of fanboys like NBC's political director Chuck Todd (founding member of Team Obama Cult Yay!™ who famously said "it's a myth that the mainstream media is … [Full Story...]

  • truther moron

    Today Was 9/11 Truther’s Favorite Holiday

    The most troubling part of the 9/11 anniversary every year (save an actual attack like the one on our consulate in Benghazi in 2012 killing 4 including our ambassador) is the inundation of 9/11 Truthers on the internet and social media sites like … [Full Story...]

  • Bill Maher

    Bill Maher Insults The Boston Police Department Playing Armchair Liberal In The Aftermath Of The Bombing

    Bill Maher made another genius career move in insulting the Boston Police Department's work in apprehending Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I guess being on pay cable to an audience of only two hundred thousand viewers (per Nielson) is just too much to handle for … [Full Story...]


CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns Citing Extramarital Affair But Why Did He Really Step Down?


Just days after Barack Obama convincingly won re-election securing a second term as President, retired army General David Petraeus, the current CIA Director, has resigned from the Central Intelligence Agency suspiciously citing an extramarital affair in a letter to President Obama. General Petraeus was scheduled to testify before Congress next Thursday on the botched Benghazi attack that resulted in the murder of four Americans including US Ambassador Chris Stevens. While some are taking Patraeus at his word on the marital infidelity, many think the timing is very odd that the resignation announcement comes when it does. PETRAEUS' RESIGATION LETTER: HEADQUARTERS Central Intelligence … [Read more...]


A Word From One Of Our Founding Fathers With A Case Study On The Ramifications Of The New Entitlement America

Entitlement States Of America

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." -- Benjamin Franklin The founders, in all their brilliance, only allowed for property owners to vote for a reason. Now in the dawn of our modern society, the scales have tipped where the producers are being outnumbered by the those attempting to or already living on the government dole as evidenced by Tuesday's election. Welcome to the New America, ladies and gentlemen. First stop Great Britain, next stop Belgium, will be making stops in Spain and Italy along the way and will end up in Greece. As of Thursday 45 companies announced layoffs coming in an effort to batten down the hatches for … [Read more...]


VIDEO Obama Supporters Celebrate No More Israel Saying “Kill Those Mother****ers”

Obama Israel

I read the tweets of young Obama supporters all night after arguably one of the most corrupt, incompetent American Presidents overwhelmingly won reelection trying to gain insight into what the youth were saying and thinking -- who turned out in larger numberers this election than in 2008 for Obama. I read many proclaiming they helped "save America" from the greedy, white villains; Now Obama can go about his business of taking care of people; **** all you illiterate, hillbilly christians who only hate Obama because he is black; And on the lunacy went. However, nothing was as disturbing as this video filmed by Rebel Pundit in Chicago after Obama's victory had been announced. From … [Read more...]


VIDEO Chris Matthews Literally Said Election Night After Obama Won “I’m So Glad We Had That Storm”


I have already stated on Twitter just moments ago, in the coming year the corrupt American media will be in my crosshairs. They are to blame for protecting Obama, carrying his water on EVERY Romney attack reporting on Big Bird, binders full of women, and what they called gaffes that where actually truth like the Cairo embassy apologetic tweet and website posting while it was under attack that Mitt said was giving off weakness to the attackers thus exacerbating the siege. NBC's Andrea Mitchell, on election day, was still hammering away on JEEPS while never having reported on the Obama Benghazi coverup. Last night while the marxist, liberal fools at MethNBC were having their ignorant … [Read more...]


VIDEO The Final Romney Web Ad ‘The Moment’ Released Election Day Morning Is Very Inspirational

Romney The Moment

The Romney campaign released a very inspirational web ad Tuesday, election day morning, that lays to bear this election is about something bigger than ourselves, it's about the direction of our country. The uninformed, cult like Obama supporters are oblivious to what Barack is doing to America, turning a nation that was founded on freedom and liberty into a country of dependency and entitlement. Obama's worldview is one of a weaker America by cutting our defense $1 trillion not understanding the strength of the United States makes for a safer world. And Barack Obama has shown no signs of rolling back out of control federal spending leading to record debt and deficits which begs the … [Read more...]


VIDEO Mitt Romney’s Monday Night Football Full Halftime Interview With Chris Berman

Romney MNF

Both presidential candidates were interviewed during the halftime of Monday Night Football on the eve of the election. Obama, shockingly, reverted to his usual thinly veiled talking points while Mitt spoke upon his reflection of his campaign saying "the more events I did the more energy I seems to get." Romney went on to say: "The more passion that came from the people, their desire for change gives me more energy and more commitment to the process. So I cam away at the end of the day, instead of being exhausted, I had a hard time falling asleep. And that's just because of all the people you meet and they give to you of themselves." Mitt also touched on his running of the winter … [Read more...]


VIDEO New Romney Web Ad ‘Strong America’ Exposes The Effects Of Obama’s Devastating Cuts To Our Military & Defense

Strong America

A new web ad just released Monday afternoon slams Barack Obama for his promised $1 trillion cuts to our military and our defense. The ad features various military leaders who all agree: Obama's massive defense cuts will be devastating to our troops, their families and our security. It is widely known that Obama has lost the military vote by staggering numbers because our armed service men and women don't feel their Commander In Chief has their best interests at stake nor the safety and sovereignty of America. Mitt Romney will protect America's military and their families, and reverse the President's devastating defense cuts. One day left until election, clear eyes and full hearts can't … [Read more...]


VIDEO Rudy Giuliani Speaks Out On Obama And FEMA’s Response To Hurricane Sandy Calling It ‘Disgraceful’

Rudy Sandy

At a Sunday gathering of Romney supporters in West Palm Beach, Florida, Rudy Giuliani delivered a deservedly scathing analysis of Obama's photo-op, political response to Hurricane Sandy. Rudy called the actions of the President and FEMA "disgraceful" for their overt failure in allowing hundreds of thousands, specifically in Staten Island, Manhattan's lower East Side and many tattered areas of New Jersey, to go days without food, water or power in the cold. “Maybe the first day or two of the storm, the president did a good job,” Giuliani said. “The last three or four days? It’s disgraceful.” “It’s disgraceful what he’s done. It’s disgraceful what his FEMA has done,” Giuliani said. … [Read more...]


VIDEO CBS Releases Withheld ’60 Minutes’ Tape Revealing Obama Refused To Call Benghazi Terrorism

Obama 60 Minutes Terrorism

The corrupt media wonders why conservatives are fed up with their dangerous, biased reporting. Two days before Americans go to the polls to elect the next President, CBS nefariously released an EDITED clip of the 60 Minutes interview with Barack Obama taped September 12, one day after the Benghazi attack that killed a US Ambassador and three other Americans. This previously omitted segment of the Steve Kroft interview ominously reveals when asked specifically about whether or not the attack was terrorism, Obama declined to answer. The original transcript has been made available and a video clip of the previously unaired interview portion is posted below. The new video was quietly and … [Read more...]


VIDEO 28,000 Supporters Turn Out Sunday Night In Cold Bucks County, Pennsylvania To See Mitt Romney

Bucks County PA

According to Fox News embed reporter (Campaign) Carl Cameron, the Secret Service let 28,000 people through the gates into tonight’s Romney rally in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Some reports on twitter and the blogosphere have the number north of 30,000, but suffice it to say for that many people to show up on a COLD Sunday night in a blue rustbelt state like Pennsylvania, something special is happening. Mitt spent much of his speech discussing the state of our economy and how his plan will create far more jobs than Obama is and has promised: “If you believe we can do better, if you believe America should be on a better course, if you’re tired of being tired, then I ask you to vote for … [Read more...]

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