Former IMF Head Strauss-Kahn Released From House Arrest, Accuser A Prostitute At The Hotel

A source close to the defense investigation told The New York Post that the Sofitel Hotel housekeeper would have sex with male guests at the hotel for money, with primary source information of her getting extraordinary tips for maid services according to The Post.  The source also said that the nefarious maid had “a lot of her expenses, hair braiding, salon expenses, etc paid for by men not related to her and frankly not capable on her salary.”

The Strauss-Kahn defense had always said sex was involved but it was consensual and some witnesses close to the scandal who worked at the Sofitel Hotel had further attested the sex had been transactional.

The Manhattan District Attorney had also apparently been investigating the upscale New York hotel maid’s duplicitous past, and on Friday Strauss-Kahn walked out of court with his wife free on bail from house arrest, but his passport withheld, after prosecutors said their extensive background investigation of Strauss-Kahn’s accuser “gave them pause”.  Strauss-Kahn had been free on $6 million in cash and bond but under house arrest for weeks in a $50,000 a month Manhattan loft.  The charges, which include attempted rape, have not been reduced, but the move signals that prosecutors do not believe the accusations are as ironclad as they once seemed.

The  District Attorney’s Office also revealed that the 32-year-old woman had committed a host of minor frauds to better her life in the U.S. since arriving in the country seven years ago, including lying on immigration paperwork, cheating on her taxes, and misstating her income so she could live in an apartment reserved for the poor.  But the most damning piece of information for the prosecution was their investigation uncovered that the maid also misrepresented what she did immediately after the alleged attack by Strauss-Kahn, instead of fleeing his luxury suite to a hallway and waiting for a supervisor, she went to clean another room and then returned to clean Strauss-Kahn’s suite before reporting the encounter, a contradiction of an earlier statement.  The prosecution after weighing the totality of these facts from their investigation told the defense in a letter “we have serious concerns about the credibility of the accuser.”

The Strauss-Kahn defense had always said sex was involved but it was consensual and some witnesses close to the scandal had further attested the sex had been transactional.  This entire saga has the feeling of the Duke Lacrosse team alleged rape in spring of 2006 by a hired exotic dancer who made reported allegations of kidnapping, rape and racial bigotry but later came forward and admitted she had fabricated the entire story.  But the damage had been done as Duke Lacrosse was suspended indefinitely and the three accusers were expelled from school and their lives changed forever.  Dominique-Strauss Kahn’s life has also been changed as he was forced to step down as head of the IMF after being charged for rape.  He also had aspirations of being the next President of France and French polls revealed his chances to be very likely.  Now if Strauss-Kahn were to get this injustice behind him and fulfill his political desire and become President of France, the already cold U.S-French relationship is likely to be as amicable as the current U.S.-Pakistani alliance.

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