Gas Prices Reach All Time High In February, Media Reports On Quran Burning

The cost of gasoline today is at its highest point ever during winter, an ominous sign of what might be on the horizon in the months to come.  According to government data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average price of regular unleaded is $3.34 over the three-month period of December, January and February. The current national average is even higher: $3.65, according to the latest figures from AAA. This past December, motorists encountered the highest ever for price for gas at Christmas in history. Today drivers in California are paying on average of more than $4 per gallon for regular. News reports from Florida put the price at nearly $6.  And what is network media “journalists” reporting on? The inadvertent quran burning in Afghanistan, Rick Santorum’s social issue stand on contraception and gay marriage, and Oscar winner prognostications.

President Obama weighed in Friday on rising gas prices with his have no fear, “I’ve got this” attitude from Miami citing with all the algae lying around we could just make fuel out of pond scum.  Obama Saturday set out a preemptive strike on his weekly address urging the public to refrain from political ploys from the right on rising gas prices obviously exhibiting an acute state of amnesia from his own campaigning against President Bush in 2007 on high gas prices and “failed energy policies.”  The cost of gas was indeed the political issue Obama, Pelosi and all the usual cast of liberal players campaigned on in 2007.  And network news media was doing their job as “journalists” sounding the alarm bell proclaiming the pressure on George Bush is mounting with gas at $3.51 a gallon.

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