List Of Dark Type Pokemon Strength and Weakness Chart

dark type strength and weakness

Like other Pokemon games, Pokemon go features various types of pokemon with their own strength and weakness. In Pokemon Go, one of the most loved pokemon types was Dark-type. Hence, in this blog, we’ve provided the strength and weakness chart of dark type pokemon for your better gaming knowledge. 

Dark-type Pokemon

The Dark-type Pokemon was introduced in the second generation in order to balance against the Psychic Pokemon. Hence, it is immune to Psychic attacks. This immune can be neutralized by Miracle Eye. Also, it can be used to create a type of error and struggle with its opponent. 

Generally, the dark-type Pokemons are represented from its features that are undomesticated and untrained. Specifically, some dark-type pokemon will be more complex and intense in social conditions and will evoke the negative incline nature like cruel exposure, aggressive belligerents, nocturnal day cycle, sentient awareness, inflict ill; and negative ends of reality like declination, shadows, or the survival of the fittest.

Apart from these, it is essential to note that Dark-type Pokemon will not automatically associate with the evil concept. This is because of both evidence the existence of cruel capability and not just the types like Fearow and Ekans. The Fearow and Ekans are the trainers that influence the creatures and train how a Pokemon should act maturely. Furthermore, many dark-type pokemon in Pokemon Go is born with some good features to define them as a Pokemon and understand the power that comes out from them.

For instance, the Pokemons like Absol and Sableye are defined by the panorama of humans with the essential purposes that are obtained from the surroundings and from their species. However, their actions and traits are usually dishonored in human society. Before generation four, each movement of Dark-type pokemon can deal with the damage and attacks with its darkness. Hence, in generation four, all the pre-existing attacks of Dark-type that deal damages will be changed to physical. That is, you can encounter some special Dark-type attacks from Generation four. 

However, the non-damaging moves of Dark-type pokemon will work to damage the opponent in a special and unique way with some staminal stats. Overall, the dark-type pokemon are mostly used by the players who wish to threaten their opponents.

The most dangerous Dark-type Pokemons

  • Umbreon
  • Murkrow
  • Sneasel
  • Houndour
  • Houndoom
  • Tyranitar
  • Poochyena
  • Absol
  • Stunky
  • Bisharp

Strength of Dark-type Pokemon

  • The attacks of Dark-type pokemon are more effective against the psychic and ghost type pokemon.
  • The dark-type pokemon are immune to the Psychic attack.

The weakness of Dark-type Pokemon

  • Though the dark-type is strong enough to handle the ghost and psychic, it is weak against the attacks of Fighting, Bug, and Fairy Pokemon.

Dark-type Attacks

  • Super effective against Ghost and Psychic.
  • Not more effective against the Dark, Fairy, and Fighting.

Dark-type Defense

  • Pokemon types that are super effective on Dark-type are Bug, Fighting, and Fairy.
  • Pokemon types that are not effective on Dark-type are Dark and Ghost.


If you are a Pokemon lover, then you would definitely know that each Pokemon falls under some specific type. Determine the strength and weaknesses of your Pokemon and attack your opponents. Good Luck!


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