How could a VPN service change your IP Address?

In the worldwide web, the computer and the person using the computer is known through an IP address. IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. Each internet user has its own unique IP address. IP address gives an identity to the user. VPN or Virtual Private Network masks IP address in order to protect the identity of the user from the tricks of the world-wide-web. VPN creates a safe and secured networking system through which the data can be transferred.

When you connect with the internet or a particular website then the person monitoring tracks of the IP address locate the geographical location of your IP address then they give you access to a website. Therefore if a particular website which is geologically restricted then you cannot get the access to the website. By using the VPN, one can get access to this restricted site as it shows the website an IP address that is originating from within the country. Click here for a detailed guide to change the IP address of our Firestick connection.

The Internet has become an integral part of our life. We use the internet for online banking, shopping and we also able to connect with our friends and family through social networking sites. A virtual office can be created through VPN or Virtual Private Networking. VPN makes optimum use of the potential of the employee. You can access your account whether you are in the comforts of the home or remote places.

How VPN changes your IP?

VPN masks the real IP address of the user with another IP address. Therefore it becomes impossible to locate the real IP address. The IP address is bounced through the different server of the world where the servers of the VPN are situated. There are 24 nations where the VPN servers are located. It should satisfy the need for security of the user. For example, if someone wanted to access UK television channels then he needs to choose a VPN service provider which has a server in the UK. The mask at the original IP address with a local IP address generated in the UK.

You may want to visit a site without disclosing the IP address. VPN helps you to hide your identity. If you use VPN then the monitoring server of the website cannot locate your IP address, therefore, your identity safe from them.


There is the number of protocols used in VPN services in order to hide the IP address of the user. There are mainly three types of protocol that are used to encrypt data. They are PPTP or point to point tunneling protocol, L2TP or Layer to Tunneling protocol and IPSec or Internet protocol security

Protocols are used in order to mask the IP address. The Virtual Private Network helps you protect the identity from the prying eyes and the hackers. You may be using a Wi-Fi network and the hackers may be seeing your profile. Even if they are able to access the profile they cannot decipher the personal data because it is encrypted.


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