VIDEO New Romney Ad ‘The Choice’ Makes Clear Distinction Between Mitt And Obama’s Failed Record


President Obama's policies just haven't worked and new Romney ad out after the second presidential debate examines this and highlights Mitt's addressing these issues Wednesday night. Median household income is down $4,000, 23 million people are unemployed or underemployed, GDP is at 1.3 %, and Medicare and Social Security are still at risk. This is an election about who can get the middle class a bright and prosperous future. Mitt Romney is that candidate. … [Read more...]


Obama Knew Ambassador Stevens Security Request Denied & Attack Was Terrorism Minutes After Thus The Coverup

Obama Knew

Add Reuters to the list of news organizations reporting as of Wednesday "within hours of the Benghazi attack US officials had about a dozen intelligent reports revealing Al Qaeda militants were involved."  The BBC is also reporting Wednesday the Obama Administration facing "new questions" in light of Chairman Issa's findings Tuesday but, the problem is the White House Press Corp and the corrupt American media aren't asking any questions, only international news agencies see the overt coverup. Immediately after the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens many, like myself, suggested the siege on our consulate in Benghazi on 9/11 could have profound consequences on Obama's reelection bid … [Read more...]


Romney Releases His Tax Returns And The Lapdog Media Goes Into An Embarrassing Attack Overdrive


Friday Mitt Romney released his final tax return for 2011. The document, produced by Price Waterhouse Coopers, shows the Romneys paid $1.9 million in taxes on nearly $14 million in income, mostly from investments, giving the Romneys an effective tax rate of 14.1 percent. Mitt and Ann Romney donated about $4 million to charity in 2011, or about 30 percent of their income, the document shows. Romney previously released his 2010 tax return but no others. An adjacent document also produced by PWC revealed Mitt Romney averaged a 20 percent effective tax rate for the previous 20 years and never paid less than 13.66 percent. While partisan witch hunts have been brewing, mostly led by Senator … [Read more...]


Traveling Mainstream Media Reporters Caught On Open Mic Orchestrating Attack Question At Romney Presser

Open Mic

Conservatives frequently complain about the bias of the mainstream media but in my 15 years closely following politics and over 1 year of blogging this is likely the most overt action by the elite network media and it was caught on tape. The Right Scoop reports and has the audio HERE that unnamed mainstream media journalists were caught on a live mic coordinating hostile questions Mitt Romney before his press conference today on the U.S. embassy attacks.  Their goal was to make sure that no question would address the substance of the crisis and Obama foreign policy but instead put Romney on the defensive about made-up mistakes in his criticism of President Obama.  At the presser, six out … [Read more...]


NBC’s Chuck Todd Slips Up Using Democratic Language Calling Bank Of America Stadium “Panther Stadium”

Bank Of America

Here is the background. Since is was announced that Obama was to give his DNC acceptance speech at Bank Of America Stadium in Charlotte the first week of September, the home of the Carolina Panthers, the democratic base has been been restless with the choice of venue. They have even called Charlotte a "second tier city" on television interviews in an attempt to get away from holding their big convention in the largest city in North Carolina. As I have written on this several times, having Obama speak from a "Wall Street" sponsored stadium, as Bank Of America is one of the largest banks in North America and does more than personal banking its business is also investment banking, and is in … [Read more...]


Left Wing Radical Goes On Shooting Rampage At Conservative Family Research Council

Liberal Shooter

Just minutes ago in Washington DC a gunman posing as an intern entered the Family Research Council's headquarters and shot a security guard after expressing political disdain with the conservative group's policy positions. Fox News reports: The suspect "made statements regarding their policies, and then opened fire with a gun striking a security guard," Authorities were treating the attack as a case of domestic terrorism. “The police are investigating this incident," Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said. "Our first concern is with our colleague who was shot today. Our concern is for him and his family.” The FRC is a conservative nonprofit that seeks to advance … [Read more...]


Watch Liberal Logic As Women Are Questioned Outside Of Sandra Fluke Obama Event In Colorado

Fluke Event

A newly released Quinnipiac poll has Romney leading Obama in the important swing state of Colorado. Like clockwork, Obama arrived ready to do some campaigning alongside champion of contraception Sandra Fluke Wednesday. Revealing Politics decided to set up shop outside the event and ask attendees some fundamental questions about privacy, the government and their bedrooms.  Suffice it to say hilarity endued.   Get Some Popcorn Ready For This   … [Read more...]


Support For Rachel Website Set Up For Bullied Chick-fil-A Drive Thru Employee

Flowers For Rachel

A website been set up for Rachel, the Chick-fil-A employee that was bullied by Adam Smith, the former executive of an Arizona medical supply company and all around creep.  The top of the site reads: We stopped by CFA to find these flowers given by a customer to Rachel. They were anonymously given. Thank you for your kindness and support. The website was set up by Rachel's fiancé and he says Rachel may make an appearance on FOX News this weekend.  As I stated in my original posting of this incident, I think a fundraiser should be set up at indiegogo, the same way one was executed for Karen the bus monitor, whereby Rachel could be shown love from giving Americans for her gracious attitude … [Read more...]


Adam Smith The Chick-fil-A Drive Thru Bully Posts Apology Video Of Sorts

Adam Smith Bully

It appears Adam Smith, the Arizona executive who bullied a young fast food employee on Wednesday, is sorry -- kind of.  Mr. Smith  posted an almost 8 minute video on YouTube Friday night he titled "Apologies and Clarification"  in which he spends approximately 3 minutes apologizing, rationalizing and quasi-deflecting blame for his actions on this YouTube posting by Jackson Pierce.  The remaining 5 minutes of the video is solely to dedicated further rationalization for his harassment, his sexual preference -- since he told the Chick-fil-A employee that day there was "not a gay in me" -- and to rant further on what he deems as hate. In my opinion, this is a classic case of the guy who got … [Read more...]


California Chick-Fil-A Vandalized The Night Before ‘Kiss Day’

chick-la torrence

A Torrance, CA Chick-fil-A was vandalized Thursday night with spray paint on an outside wall reading “Tastes Like Hate,” LA Times reports. It was done in a design similar to a Chick-fil-A ad campaign, complete with a drawing of a cow with a paintbrush.  This follows the fast food restaurant being embroiled in controversy over its opposition to gay marriage.  This happened just ahead of a “kiss-in” by gay rights activists and other gay marriage supporters at Chick-fil-A restaurants to protest the chain’s politics Friday. On Wednesday, hundreds of thousands of customers showed their support for the restaurant during an “Appreciation Day.” Chick-fil-A says it set a one-day sales record on … [Read more...]

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