VIDEO American Crossroads Ad ‘Act Of Terror’ Shreds Obama On Revising History As It Relates To Benghazi

Obama Benghazi

This new ad out Thursday by American Crossroads is brutal. Obama has made the decision, after the Tuesday night debate, to revise his record and history as it relates to Benghazi and the "intelligence" the White House pointed to as the cause for the attack on the consulate. For anyone following this story, it's common knowledge that for two weeks the Administration said the attack was "spontaneous" and the result for an anti-muslim YouTube video. UN Ambassador Susan Rice went before all five Sunday Shows September 16 and declared with certainty as much. The topic of Benghazi came up during the second presidential debate and Obama decided to go with a new narrative claiming he has always … [Read more...]


Rachel Maddow Says “The Robert’s Court Is So Conservatively Politicized It Will Make Decision On ObamaCare To Hurt The President”

Screen Shot 2012-03-28 at 11.16.46 AM

Watching the liberal media spin of liberal justices like Stephen Breyer tough questions Tuesday on the ObamaCare mandate penalty being a tax is theater for the plurality of Americans who inherently knew this was gross government overreach of its constitutional enumerations.  Hearing liberal legal pundits pundits declare U.S. Solicitor General David Verilli's oral arguments a "train wreck" for the Obama Administration was interesting and eye opening.  But seeing video of Matt (fink) Lauer conduct a 'serious interview' with MSNBC propaganda queen Rachel Maddow and expecting to take it seriously is preposterous. In an interview on The Today Show Wednesday morning Maddow implied that the … [Read more...]


Casy Anthony Walks Out Of Jail With Baez, Lady Justice Weeps

Casey Anthony released

Casey Anthony was released from a Florida jail early Sunday morning. She was convicted of four counts of giving false information to law enforcement but found not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter, and child abuse in connection with the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee by a "jury" of her piers. As I have previously stated, defense attorney Jose Baez bizarre style of council did not prove he was a jurisprudence savant at getting a killer mom off, it proved he is a genius at picking idiot jurors, which begs the question as to how much of an "idiot" Baez, Mason and the entire Casey Anthony defense team must also harbor. The manner with which they have … [Read more...]


Judge Declares Mistrial In Clemens Case

Roger Clemens

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton declared a mistrial in baseball super-star Roger Clemons' perjury trial over inadmissible evidence shown to jurors. Judge Walton said Clemens could not be assured a fair trial after prosecutors showed jurors evidence against his orders in the second day of testimony. Judge Walton scheduled a Sept. 2 hearing to determine whether to hold a new trial. Is lying over steroid use in front of Congress really worth the time and money repeatedly put into these pop-culture witch hunts? Hasn't recent Congressional scandals like Anthony Weiner lying to the world about transmitting lewd photos of his genitals reveal the moral fabric of Washington … [Read more...]


Who Will Pay For Casey Anthony Disguise And Name Change?

Casey Anthony Sentencing

As Casey Anthony gets released from jail on Sunday, where will she come up with the financial resources to procure a disguise and potentially a name change? Remember, this is a woman who lied about having a job while living the party life on Mom and Dad's dime. I really don't think she is aware of what she is in store for when released relative to the national anger at the blatant mockery of the justice system was in her receiving a "not guilty" verdict by a jury of idiots. This entire ordeal with further her psychosis of entitlement and she will probably con a limelight fiend who will take her in to be a part of the circus that is sure to come. -Michelle Lee … [Read more...]


Judge Perry Considering Releasing Bombshell Casey Anthony Video

casey anthony mug shot

The countdown to Casey Anthony getting out of jail for good on Sunday is closing in, meanwhile Judge Perry is considering releasing a jailhouse video that is so controversial that it was not allowed to be admitted at trial. I predict this story will not be going away anytime soon: Either scripts and active content are not permitted to run or Adobe Flash Player version10.0.0 or greater is not installed. -Michelle Lee … [Read more...]


Jerry Springer Denies $1 Million Offer To Casey Anthony

jerry springer

Jerry Springer flatly denied a RadarOnline story that said “The Jerry Springer Show” has offered Casey Anthony $1 million to appear on their show. “This story is 100 percent fabricated,” Springer said in a statement released to the press. “We have not made any offer to Casey Anthony and her family. We do not put known people on our show. Period.  So the Casey Anthony rumor is, absolutely, unequivocally not true” TMZ caught up with Jerry Springer outside a Beverly Hills restaurant and he very candidly set the record straight, which has to be an embarrassment for RadarOnline sloppy reporting.  Booking a personality such as Casey Anthony would be totally out of character for the show as she … [Read more...]


Julie Chen Breaks Down On Air While Reporting Casey Anthony Verdict

Julie Chen

When a seasoned professional like Julie Chen breaks up on air, live, while reporting the not guilty verdict of the Casey Anthony murder trial it shows the emotional attachment Americans had to this case and the perversion of justice perceived by most that followed this trial. Ms. Anthony's release date has been recalculated to be Sunday, July 17 now but many believe this to be a rouse to misdirect the masses who are severely angered at this verdict and what they believe to be a murderous mom getting off free. Casey Anthony may have to change her appearance and name as the vitriol toward her doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Either scripts and active content are not permitted … [Read more...]


Back To Jail For Casey Anthony, Out In 6 Days

Casey Anthony Sentencing

Judge Belvin Perry gave Casey Anthony the maximum sentence of 1 year on each of the 4 charges of lying to law enforcement to be served concurrently, as well as imposed all statutory court costs associated with the trial. Each conviction carries a maximum or 1 year in jail, but with time served, Judge Perry pointed out calculations will be made today, and cursory calculations will have Casey Anthony out of jail by July 13. Protesters outside the courthouse were quite spirited and some even angry, many not understand Judge Perry's sentencing, but Perry followed the letter of the law with regard to the 4 charges the jury found Anthony guilty of and could really do no more. The Jury found … [Read more...]


Did The Jury Really Understand Their Role In Casey Anthony Trial

Cheney Mason bird

Many trial lawyers will attest to the fact that you win or lose your case at the end of voir dire process, or jury selection. It's a game of horse trading people to sit on the  jury that is advantageous to a lawyers case, and has even been depicted in movies like "A Time To Kill" or "Runaway Jury".   There are experts who make a fantastic living at jury consulting for lawyers, pointing out the jurors to keep, strike or even pretend to be interested in by apposing council just for show. Phil McGraw, or Dr. Phil, was a jury consultant in the Oprah Winfrey Texas cattle industry civil trial, and it was from his masterful contribution to clearing Oprah from having to fork out millions that … [Read more...]

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